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The software is made available free of charge to non profit users by dedicated pages. We invite you to provide us your feed-back about the software we make available.
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Software (Win 9x/2k/XP)
Components (.NET, Java)

ClimGen generating weather data

modelling cropping syst

IRENE evaluating numerical estimates

RadEst estimating daily solar radiation

SOILPAR estimating soil parameters

WeatherFile converting weather file formats

KeSTE evaluating kernel sampling techniques



UTILS page

Windows XP utility applications

AgroManagement simulating agricultural management
ClimReader reading location, soil, and met data at run-time
AirT generating air temperature
CLIMA generating/estimating weather data (under development)
ClimIndices generating climatic indices from daily data
ET  computing evapotranspiration 
GSRad generating/estimating solar radiation / slope-aspect
Preconditions evaluating design-by-contract
PTF computing pedotransfer functions (under development)
Rain generating precipitation
Wind generating wind speed
Components (COM)
IRENE_DLL evaluating numerical estimates 
ET_CSDLL computing evapotranspiration 
PAR_CSDLL access CropSyst model inputs

WEB sample applications

WEB sample services

About web applications and web services

WebFormGSRad a sample web application of WebServiceGSRad
code behind WebFormGSRad (C#)

WebFormET a sample web application of WebServiceET
code behind WebFormET (C#)

WebFormRain a sample web application of the component Rain
code behind WebFormRain (C#

WebFormAirT a sample web application of the component AirT
code behind WebFormAirT (C#) (available soon)

WebServiceGSRad a sample web service using GSRad
code behind WebServiceGSRad (C#)

WebServiceET a sample web service using ET
code behind WebServiceET (C#)

WebServiceRain a sample web service using Rain
code behind WebServiceRain (C#)

WebServiceAirT a sample web service using AirT
code behind WebServiceAirT (C#) (available soon)

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